Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Iftar Johor Bahru 2016

Ya,.asalamualaikum dunia..Today its raining day from sahur time till 6 am .. as usual , going to work @6.45 am from house then going to sent the lil one to taska..proceed to working place arrive estimated time 710 am..

Today nothing special juz going to blog the place that i go for iftar ..okey for this yr our budget kinda off berjimat cermat la..haha ..really? ya loor compare to last yr iftar in one week adola going to hotel for berbuka 2-3 times..gitu..kayo? not really i am a member of Mutiara privilege an additional 10% discount..okeyla..somemore i had bought almost 5 voucher of the buffet ramadhan.. so thats why our favourite buffet ramadhan spot was Mutiara Hotel Johor Bahru.

Naa tu last year story mory.. for tis yr tak sempat nak beli voucher coz takde p makan kat mutiara hotel plus i didnt renew my membership pun..malas..sebb all the voucher tak pernah redeem burn camtu je..So we walk in jela dgn buffet price rm105 nett for adult 65 nett for children under 5..haha..

this is some review hotel yang kami pergi setakat ni..

Mutiara Hotel Johor Bahru
adult - 105 children 65

For this year, range of food not too different as 2015..still the same..but a lots of choice..cuma tis yr ade teppanyaki n spiral potato compare last year wedges..dessert mcm tart for this yr tak meriah mcm tahun lepas.. goreng gorengan siap ade durian goreng..but for the main dish asben review tak brapa sedap compare to last year..overall range of food bolehla..maybe we are booking jam 3 same day so our place lil bit ..our seat kat capri restaurant..tu kot mood nak makan mcm terbatas coz u need to walk bleh tahan la mana uolls with kid nak amek makanan nak control kids kan..hehe..gambar food tak sempat snap coz nak amek food pun jauh..ngap ngap then finish.. cuma sempat snap kids pics..

Adult - 105  children - 68

For the second week kami try n error the brand new hotel in Johor Bahru..baru siap 2016 .. The buffet at level 5 if im not mistaken la..haha..Kali ni masa masuk ada wow factor sikit maybe the layout of buffet tu simple n the food not too crowd..for those who like masakan kampung..yeah tis is the right place..the chilly beef, paru sambal mmg heaven on earth..pedas sedap memang macam orang tua je masak..haha..for dessert yess they have puding favourite usual main course dia nasi arab mandy ,kambing golek ,satay , gorengan tetap ade durian goreng..utk yang suka traditional malay cuisine yess definitely this is the place..
FOr kids lucky us dapat voucher n price for kids with voucher rm55..the hotel provide surau as well need to worried..lepas solat u can sambung makan makan.. since we came not to crowded.. i dapat few picture..

 i really enjoy the food mmg sedap..dari tak makan nasi terus makan nasi uolls..hahaha..

adult - 148 children - 68

Lil bit to last yr price  baru rm115. berdezup price naik..but even the price high..tetap penuh uolls..since ada la sikit duit kerajaan bagi why not give a try..coz i know renaissance food eastern western.. So i make a booking for weekend..since kids love japanese to reward then berjaya berpuasa 2 weeks ok la bagi makan faveret food..yeah renaissance offer japanese food sushi n sashimi uolls..The food was superb..memang sedap..surau provide at level 3 ..ya kami bertapa sampai jam 9..haha...jahanam my really enjoy their food..i pun enjoy my western food..the best things i ate for those yang minat all kinds of food this is the place..cuma range cake dia je tak semeriah mcm dia holiday villa..tapi not big deal kami nak main course..dari nasi ayam sampai mee goreng mamak kebab prata murtabak pasta seafood semua ada..but i like the apple crepe..sangat sedap..ok enjoy da pics

Okey thats all je yg kami pergi n dapat review..i gave Renaissance the best one..u buy apple then u get an apple..for me to makan makan up to the person la..if u nak makan then u go for it..if u rasa the price not worth it sound like  kalau makan pun tak sampai dats price its okey la lain orang lain pendapat..ok tu je review iolls boleh bagi for iftar 2016..

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