Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Morning people..its a longgggggg time not too bloging myself..definitely i m too busy with my house routine n my work thinggy..hhaha..life more complicated nowadays..for the time being..i am struggling myself,friendship,life n career..ya ya ya go go girl..

For 2016 there a lots of emotional effect beyond me..i have to think my friendship..my sibling..how i am to positive toward themm..but..they betrayed my believe..when i think to forget about all negative thinky..suddenly..something pop up my mind..ya i found out about blocking thinggy,unfriended thinggy  n custome the privacy ..yuckk its suck..seriously..when u thrust someone..then they still negative thinking toward u..then ..what u can do? what i feel was very terrible feeling..angry of course i am..upset of myself thinking..do i doing something wrong? do i show off myself? wait..its my page ..its wrong i'm sharing my happines while i cooking while i m travelling..such a narrow minded..erkkk

To the friendship i realize some of my friend are taking for granted..not sincerely enough..when i seat down thinking about this..something cross my mind..i always do anything to comfort my friends..but when it turn to this person..they never think that i am important to them..for example which happen to me..i'm driving about 40km with traffic n jam juz to meet one of my 'best friend' to delivered something..in the morning she said ok..before i m going out she still said ok..we can meet up..BUT when u arrived destination she said she cant make it..reason i know the reason becuz she is busy to chasing the guy..which at the end the guy married others woman..fair enough..what would u feel if u r in my shoes? ya we are not spoken for 1 year..but i'm still okey nevermind..but inside its hurt myself so much..waa..

When we r together again..everything is not so normal coz sometimes she always provoke me with some crazy things she done..ya..its time to move on..why u stay aite?  The world is changing..so do i..
A lots of miserable friends that open my eyes early 2017..which open widely open my eyes..ya i dont need friends that always provoke everything about me..i dont care who u been friended even my enemy for me please no need to provoke  n please respect each other..so the best thing..ya..i need to 'clean' negative vibes ..

So here i am..the new me..i'm happy with my life..doing all my favourite things..being myself..positive..so i found myself release..relieve..better..and i glad i m still have positive friend with me..thanks to them..so..next new chapter..seal all bad negative thingy..welcome positive vibes..


Hi olls.. Its long time no blogging..as usual life is more busy more merrier..but the best things after last entry of my blog posting..defi...